Medal of Honor Recipientand former US Army Staff Sgt. RYAN M PITTS dropped in to talk about serving in Afghanistan and the events that led to him receiving our country's highest honor.

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"Fox and Friends" co-host STEVE DOOCY weighed in on Ukraine, Gaza and the President being condemned by both parties for fundraising during all these crises.



"Fox News Sunday" host CHRIS WALLACE explained that he had no hesitation airing Secretary Kerry's contradicting comments while on the phone during the Sunday morning shows interviews. Chris said that he was actually more surprised that none of the other networks ran that audio. He also explained that he got e-mails from the White House after the interview voicing their displeasure. Chris also weighed in on how NBC is treating David Gregory and letting him hang in the wind over hosting "meet the Press."

Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co." host STUART VARNEY dropped by and talked about Facebook and how much the company is changing the face of business.


Representative JIM JORDAN (R-OH) checked-in on the latest news from the IRS investigation looking into losing emails during the critical time of them targeting Tea Party groups.



Former CEO of Chrysler & Home Depot BOB NARDELLI on the state of the United States' economy.