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New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN explained that President Obama is a neo-isolationist and he unfortunately can't be that way because the world needs America to step in.



Fox's Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY talked about Secretary Kerry being caught in a "hot mic" moment and explained that he was expressing frustration with Israel using too much force and may have allowed it to happen to be set up a confrontation with Netanyahu. Ed also expressed his belief that the reason there isn't international outrage over Israel's actions is because governments in the Middle East actually want them to take down Hamas.


GOP strategist ED ROLLINS weighed in on Secretary Kerry's view that America should be proud of President Obama's handling of the Israeli conflict. He also explained that we should be backing Israel 100% because they are our ally. On the downing of the Malaysian airline we should support Ukraine in any way to keep them a stable functioning government. He also believes that the Ukraine rebels are definitely led by Russia. On the Marist poll saying Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is the strongest GOP 2016 presidential candidate Ed believes that he will drop as we get closer, even though he has the support of young people. He also thinks that Senator Paul will not be the nominee but will definitely be a factor.


Fox Chief Washington Correspondent JAMES ROSEN and Brian dissected President Obama's latest statement on the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner in Ukraine.   James also found it striking that Secretary Kerry discussed a lot of intelligence we hold on the downing of this plane, which is very strange coming from this administration. On the Israeli-Hamas conflict conditions may have changed to bring about a cease-fire. James also agreed that the general consensus is that Kerry's open mic moment was him being sarcastic about Israel calling their missile attacks being "pinpoint strikes."