Live from Bagdad, the Wall Street Journal's Matt Bradley told Brian that Iraq president Maliki needs to form a coalition government. Bradley said there is no real Iranian presence in Bagdad but there are some Iranian troops in the areas where the Shite tribes are located. Bradley pointed out that Iranians are there in an advisory role similar to the 300 advisors Obama sent to Iraq.

When asked if the rise of ISIS was a surprise, Bradley said that it was somewhat surprising to see the strength of ISIS but nobody should be shocked that ISIS was a threat.

Brian asked Bradley if Iraq will accept help from the U.S or if they want the U.S. out and Bradley responded that the Maliki government is desperate for help and will not turn down any help the U.S. can give them.

FOX's Steve Doocy joined Brian for his usual Thursday spot. The two spoke about President Obama focusing on Climate Change instead of the big issues such as Iraq, the V.A. and the IRS scandal.

Doocy said that one of the things the country has learned the hard way is electing a president who has very little experience. Pointing out that Obama's only real political experience was as a senator for a couple of years. Doocy added that in 2016 the candidates should be more experienced on both sides.


FBN's Stuart Varney joined Brian in studio and opened up with the latest on the economy shrinking in the last quarter. Varney said the over regulation of private enterprise and the printing of the money by the FED have been key factors that are hurting the economy. Varney said Obama should lower the corporate tax rate to grow the economy. Varney was incensed that Obama is focusing on global warming instead of the economy.

Brian and Varney took a few minutes to talk about Luis Suárez being suspended for nine matches and banned for four months from any football-related activity for his third biting incident.

Both Brian and Varney agree that there is no question that the World Cup has finally caught on with Americans.

Scott Brown, former Massachusetts senator, Brian to talk about his run for the senate in New Hampshire. Brown is hopeful republicans will take over the senate after the 2014 elections and make Harry Reid the Minority Leader.

When asked his thoughts on the IRS, Brown called it fundamentally un-American. Brown commented on the new revelations that Lois Lerner has targeted Senator Grassley saying that she may have awoken a sleeping lion.

On the economy, Brown said the negative effect on the economy is a combination of a lack of leadership and unelected bureaucrats. Brown said if republicans take over the majority in the senate they will focus on balancing the budget and fixing the economy.

Brown told Brian that a unified republican party is the biggest nightmare to not only his opponent US Senator Jeanne Shaheen but also for President Obama.

Brown said he is happy to receive Mitt Romney's endorsement especially because in retrospect Romney has been proven right on many big issues he campaigned on in 2012.

Listen here for Brian's full interview with Scott Brown


Greg Zuckerman, author of The Frackers and columnist for The Wall Street Journal, joined Brian in studio and commented on Obama speaking about fighting global warming. Zuckerman responded by saying no matter what America and Europe try to do to combat global warming the key is China. Zuckerman said we should be getting China to start fracking. Zuckerman said we have the ability to make our own decisions when it comes to oil and energy production and not worry about Saudi Arabia and what happens in the rest of the Middle East. Zuckerman said the US should be approving more applications from American companies to export natural gas which in turn will help Europe.

DR CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, author of the NY Times #1 Best Seller Things That Matter, joined Brian for a double segment to end the program. Krauthammer was asked about Hillary Clinton's book not doing well in sales, he responded by saying, "It's a lousy book!" Krauthammer said there is nothing revealing in Hillary's book and contrasted that with Bob Gates book which gave readers insight into behind the scenes politics. Krauthammer said despite republicans being terrified of running against Hillary in 2014 she is not a sure thing. Krauthammer reminded Brian and his listeners that she was defeated by an unknown senator in 2008 for the democrat nomination. Krauthammer said while the nomination is Hillary's for the asking in 2016, democrats are having second thoughts of a Hillary run for president.

On Iraq and ISIS, Krauthammer said the Obama administration refuses to acknowledges their failures in Iraq. Krauthammer added Obama blames his failures on everyone and everything else other than himself and his administration. Krauthammer believes Obama pulled troops from Iraq in 2011 so he could fulfil a campaign promise. Krauthammer said General David Petraeus won the war and Obama lost the war in Iraq. Brian asked if Obama will bring back General Petraeus to help in Iraq to which Krauthammer responded Obama is too arrogant to reach out to Petraeus. Krauthammer added that Obama thinks he has a special understanding of the Middle East but in reality has no idea how the Middle East operates.

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