This morning on Kilmeade and Friends, General Jack Keane admitted to Brian Kilmeade that the Obama Administration has reached out to him on Iraq and has been open to his suggestions.

Gen. Keane is fairly confident Gen. Petraeus  would go to Iraq if asked by the administration because there is no way he would be able to say no.  Keane said, “If Petraeus puts two feet on the ground in Baghdad dealing with the Maliki government and the Maliki military, just his presence alone sends an incredible message of confidence to those who are there.  And I think he can do a lot in terms of putting the right people back in charge of the military organization and start to move this forward.  Listen, he can’t turn the Iraqi army around overnight, that’s for sure, but he would absolutely make a difference.”  Keane also revealed that this administration is very much aware of what Gen. Petraeus can do and that they have talked to him as well.   Keane just wonders why Gen. Petraeus isn’t already in Iraq.