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Fox Chief Washington Correspondent JAMES ROSEN called in from the American embassy in Iraq with Secretary John Kerry and talked about the situation in Iraq and ISIS. James explained that ISIS is more than a terrorist organization but a well-trained army that was able to launch a very sophisticated 3 pronged attack just a day ago. The only way that the ISIS threat can be thwarted is with a new Iraq government that is inclusive of all the religious factions.

KEVIN FLYNN host of "Over the Ball" airing on SiriusXM FC, Channel 94, called in and dissected the US v. Portugal and explained what the chances are if the United States doesn't win against Germany.


Fox's Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY dropped by the studio and talked about how he isn't going to miss Jay Carney but Ed believes that his job is to be tough on the press secretary. Ed also explained how former Bush press secretaries thought he was a big pain. Brian and Ed also talked about the chaos in Iraq and the IRS inexplicably being protected by Democrats during the hearings.

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Senior Writer for the Weekly Standard STEPHEN HAYES called and talked about the chaos in Iran and the missing IRS emails. They went in-depth on the Friday hearings and wanted to know why would IRS officials say that they would be compliant and surrender all the emails when they knew that they had been "lost." They also talked about Bowe Bergdahl and the revelation that we could have traded him for 1 Gitmo prisoner and some money, but decided to hand over the 5. Stephen believes that they made the swap because when they make future releases they will seem harmless compared to those 5.



Psychiatrist Dr. KEITH ABLOW explained that Americans are embarrassing soccer because it is a new frontier. It is a sport that we haven't dominated yet and want to take over. Dr. Ablow and Brian then got into Sting's statement that he won't leave money to his kids because he believes it is an albatross around their children's necks. Dr. Ablow said that it can be an albatross to get too much money too soon. He explained that money doesn't have to dissolve their initiative.