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Theresa Payton ~ Former Chief Information Officer in the Bush Administration spoke with Brian about the ongoing IRS scandal. Theresa suggested the investigators should go to the people who received e-mails from Lerner in order to retrieve her e-mails. Theresa added that it's not common for a system to crash, regardless of what the left is saying this is a scandal.

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Lt. Col. Allen West joined Brian to talk about Iraq. West believes Obama made a mistake by not keeping troops in Iraq. West does not want us to team up with Iran to help the situation in Iraq. West asked why would we want to work with Iran who is a state sponsor of terrorism. West dismissed the argument that teaming with Iran is the same as teaming with the USSR in World War II. West told Brian that Obama leads from behind not only with his foreign policy but also in his domestic policy. West said Obama is disengaged and only thinking about his own legacy. West spoke about his service in Iraq and has a problem with journalists who never served in the military calling Iraq a dumb war.

On the IRS "losing" Lois Lerners e-mails, West said that the IRS is required by law to keep hard copies of all e-mails. West believes the Obama administration is lawless.

On the capture of Ahmed Abu Khatallah, West called it a "wag the dog" scenario. West said this was done to give Obama good press because of all the scandals. West stressed Ahmed Abu Khatallah is an unlawful combatant and should not be tried in civilian court, adding "his butt ought to be in Gitmo!"

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Bret Stephens, the Deputy Editorial Page Editor for the international opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal, joined Brian in studio to talk his latest article about all that has gone wrong with Obama's foreign policy. Stephens said that Obama has no policy regarding the terrorists taking over Iraq and the lack of action by Obama in Iraq is giving Iran more power. Stephens told Brian that the left does not have a right to say that everything happening in Iraq is Bush's fault, pointing out that Obama and his administration were touting Iraq as a great victory for Obama. Stephens said it seems as if Obama has lost any interest in being President of the United States.

On Bowe Bergdahl being swapped for 5 terrorists, Stephens said the problem with the swap is the Obama Administration's foreign policy. Stephens said Obama wants to empty Gitmo and that was the main reason for giving up five top terrorists for Bergdahl.

On Ahmed Abu Khatallah being captured, Stephens believes Khatallah belongs in Gitmo. Stephens said that Khatallah had an extra year of freedom because the Obama administration was collecting evidence to try him in a civilian court.

Stephens and Brian agree that the biggest problem with trying terrorists in civilian courts is the government would have to share any intel they gathered on the defendant and it would be tough to keep classified evidence secret.

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FOX's Mike Emanuel called in and started out talking about soccer. Mike informed Brian that he used to announce soccer at Rutgers University. Brian and Mike were blown away at Mike Francesca's lack of knowledge about soccer. Emanuel came to Brian's defense over the fun ribbing he took from Bob Beckel and others on The Five.

On the IRS, Emanuel said that some lawmakers believe there are so many scandals going on with the Obama Administration that the public is having a hard time focusing on each scandal. Emanuel told Brian that the government has rules pertaining to archiving government material. Emanuel said if a tax payer gave the IRS the excuse that they lost their info the IRS could put you in jail for tax fraud. Emanuel points out that Harry Reid, who is usually quick to say the GOP is guilty of being partisan, did not take that tone when he was asked about the IRS losing Lois Lerners e-mails.


Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum joined Brian for their weekly in studio hit. Brian and Bill started off talking about the World Cup's big ratings success. Bill and Brian disagreed about how popular soccer is in America. Bill admitted he has no clue about soccer while Brian pointed out the record ratings the World Cup has received.

After a little soccer talk, Bill and Martha spoke with Brian about Iraq. Brian wants to know what we should do now. Martha said the lack of a status of forces agreement is a big reason why Iraq is in turmoil. Martha feels America's leverage dealing with Iran is hurt if they ask Iran to help put in Iraq. Bill said a lot of people will be killed before any stability can come in Iraq. Brian expressed his outrage at Obama fundraising while Iraq is in turmoil. On the IRS losing Lois Lerners e-mails, Martha compared it to Nixon's 18 minutes gap on the on the Watergate tapes.

The segment ended where it began, talking about the World Cup. Bill said while he would watch the World Cup he will not watch MLS. Bill predicted the USA will win the World Cup.