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Former Governor of New Mexico BILL RICHARDSON weighed in on the chaos in Iraq and said that we need to sit down with Prime Minister Maliki and explain that he needs to make his government more inclusive or the country will implode. He would hold off on the air strikes until we know for certain that Maliki can't change the government around. He also explained that we have to get the Iranians to do the heavy lifting but we can't get too close to them because we will lose respectability in the region. On immigration the Governor said he is very concerned about what is happening and that this is happening because of our broken immigration system, there is no rule of law and no effort to strengthen border security and that Congress needs to act. Until the two parties get together to work on immigration we will keep having these disasters.

Director of UVA's Center for Politics LARRY SABATO talked about the upsetting loss of Eric Cantor and explained that being Majority Leader kept him away from his constituents and disenfranchised them. Dr. Sabato also looked into who might become the next Majority Leader. On Hillary's roll out of her candidacy he would give her a low grade because it was obscured by other events and the list of her gaffs coming out.


NYTs best-selling author of "I am Rosa Parks" BRAD MELTZER talked about his book on Rosa Parks for kids and the series that he has to teach them interesting facts about historical figures.  He also talked about Iraq and the administration's foreign policy.



Representative MARSHA BLACKBURN (R-TN) checked in and talked about trying to pass a law to prevent Gitmo detainees from being transferred to the U.S. On the chaos in Iraq the Representative said how the President handled the situation shows that he is immature and inexperienced in foreign policy. She also weighed in on who will replace Eric Cantor as Majority Leader.



Former Navy SEAL and author of "Battle on the Home Front" CARL HIGBIE talked about Iraq and explained we have the wrong approach in all our wars. Part of the problem is, what we want for the Iraqi people is different than what they want for themselves. Also, the Sunni and Shite are unable to carry out a government or cohesive fighting unit. It all comes down to a societal issue and unfortunately the terrorist have the country's brightest minds. Carl also said that we need to fight on our terms and fight for our guys. Carl also believes that the only way to stop the insurgents is with air superiority and bombing them into the Stone Age, Berlin style.