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Former US Army Ranger Captain SEAN PARNELL weighed in on the chaos that has erupted in Iraq. Sean explained that by watching what is happening in Iraq he knows what it feels to be a Vietnam veteran watching the fall of Saigon. He went on to say that we need to take swift action and wipe them out with some well-targeted air strikes. What we see happening is the culmination of a six-year failed Middle East foreign policy. Sean also called the release of the 5 Gitmo detainees depressing and said they will be back on the battlefield plotting against America.

Retired Four-Star General and Former vice Chief of Staff of the Army JACK KEANE weighed in on Iraq and said that we knew this would happen because we didn't leave enough help to keep an eye on the radicals. The worst thing this administration did was not help Prime Minister Maliki in the growing stages of their democracy like we did in South Korea. General Keane said that he believes that the situation can be reversed but we need a sense of urgency and that we need to stop the resurgence and prevent serious penetration of Baghdad. General Keane also thinks that General Petraeus should be sent in to survey the situation because he has the respect of the Iraqi forces and President.


Former NYC Mayor RUDY GIULIANI talked about immigration and said that what is happening today reminds him of when Jimmy Carter was President and told Fidel Castro to let people out and he emptied his prisons. On Eric Cantor he believes that Eric lost touch with his constituents and that is why he lost. Mayor Giuliani also weighed in on Iraq and said that unfortunately no one takes our President seriously when he says that we are going to take action. He also said that policy choices by Obama snatched defeat from victory in Iraq and the only way we can really help them is with troops. The Mayor also said that letting the 5 Gitmo detainees go is one of the most incomprehensible things any president has ever done. He also talked about Stop and Frisk being stopped in NYC by Mayor de Blasio and that the trend of shootings going up will lead to murders going up.

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raq war veteran and Congressman ADAM KINZINGER (R-IL) called the chaos in Iraq depressing. The congressman said that the President is more excited about getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan than driving foreign policy to lead the world.