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"Fox and Friends" co-host STEVE DOOCY talked about how even late night talk show hosts are attacking President Obama because even they are not happy with the country's direction. They also talked about how Mitt Romney was right during his debate with President Obama when he claimed that Al-Qaeda was not on the run in Iraq and that Russia was our greatest geo-political rival. Steve and Brian also took a look at Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's testimony in front of Congress.


"Fox News Sunday" host CHRIS WALLACE dropped by and talked about the rising insurgents and terrorists in Iraq taking control of major cities and are on the road to nullify our gains. Chris also made the point that President Obama likes to say that he "ended" two, explaining that he was more interested in ending them, than winning them. On the defeat of Eric Cantor Chris explained that he was out of step with his district because he had to do some things that were not savory, including raising the debt ceiling to keep the government running. Chris also talked about interviewing Robert De Niro and being very tight after Brian told him that he didn't say 3 words to him.

Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co." host STUART VARNEY dropped in and talked about how the problems in Iraq are having economic repercussions throughout the world. Stuart explained that President Obama's actions in Iraq are going to increase oil prices.

Chief Economist for The Heritage Foundation and author of "An Inquiry Into The Nature And Causes Of The Wealth Of States" STEPHEN MOORE talked about how the turmoil in Iraq is causing oil, gold prices and more to shoot up. Stephen explained that states like New York are not getting out of the recession because taxes are killing their economies and that the United States has to become more like Texas to turn the country around. Brian and Stephen also looked into the Cantor loss and talked about who could replace him as Majority Leader.
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FOX News Channel anchor JULIE BANDERAS weighed in on Brian's Top 3 stories of the day, Iraq descending into chaos, Hagel's testimony on Bergdahl and Eric Cantor's defeat.

Editor for Rare.Us and co-author Of "The Tea Party Comes To Washington" JACK HUNTER talked about the Cantor defeat and explained that there is no clear candidate who will take over as the Majority Leader. Jack also talked about the chaos in Iraq and mistakes that the administration has made.

Fox News Latina reporter BRYAN LLENAS checked from the World Cup in Brazil and talked about how the citizens of the country are rioting because the government spent so much money in the games but ignores all the poverty.