Erick Erickson, Editor-in-Chief of & Fox News contributor, joined the program to break down the shocking upset of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor last night in the Virginia GOP primary. Erickson said that Cantor forgot about his constituents in Virginia and focused too much on national issues. Erickson predicts that David Brat will win the general election in November in his Virginia district. Erickson does not believe Cantor will step aside as House Majority Leader despite being defeated last night in the primary. Erickson believes the next Majority Leader of the House will also be the Speaker of the House. Erickson also said that Boehner will not be Speaker of the House come 2015. Erickson thinks the big message from last night is immigration reform is done.

Brian was joined by Congressman Duncan Hunter (R -CA) to end the first hour. Brian opened up by asking who Hunter would like to see as the next Majority Leader but Hunter would not give Brian a name.

On Chuck Hagel's upcoming appearance before the House Armed Services Committee on the Bergdahl swap, Hunter gave Brian some insight as to what he expects in the meeting with Sec Chuck Hagel today. Hunter said they better prove that the 5 terrorists that we released will not kill in the future. Hunter is adamant that Obama broke the law by not notifying Congress, adding that the President defied Congress willingly. Hunter said the Taliban now have five top terrorists ready to rejoin the fight.

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HOUR 2 Mike Emanuel, FOX's Chief Congressional Correspondent, offered up some insight on the Armed Services Committee hearing on the Bowe Bergdahl swap. Emanuel said he expects Sec Hagel to be asked who made the final call on the swap, Obama or Hagel. Emanuel reminded the listeners that this swap was brought up a couple years ago and Congress was not willing to give the go ahead which led to the White House's decision to not notify Congress.

Turning to the major upset of Cantor being defeated last night Emanuel said the big question right now is will Cantor stay on as Majority Leader in the House and will this create a leadership vacuum? Emanuel said Cantor and his staff may have focused too much on succeeding Boehner as Speak.

Bill and Willie Geist were in studio with Brian to talk about their new book, Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees...and Other Conversations We Forgot to Have. Willie explained that as he and his father were preparing to write their book he sat down with his dad and mom and spoke about not having the birds and the bees talk when he was young. Brian confessed that he also has not had the birds and the bees talk with his son. Willie said he is looking forward to not having the birds and bees talk with his children.

Willie said while working on the book he finally learned details about his father's experiences in the Vietnam War. Bill explained he did not speak about his Vietnam experience because he did not want to trade on the misfortune of others. Bill said people do not realize the reality of war and how harsh it is.

Willie explained to Brian his love for the Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle and performed the Refrigerator Perry verse from the song for Brian.

Bill expressed his pride in his son Willie. Bill jokingly said he is surprised when he sees Willie talking about foreign affairs. Willie said he learned how to do his job from his father and is still learning new things from his dad.

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HOUR 3 Bill Hemmer joined Brian in studio and gave an update on the Hagel hearings. Bill points out that Hagel said the final call to swap Bergdahl was President Obama's. Bill said the strategy is clear by Obama, he wants to close Gitmo.

Turning to Hillary's book tour, Kilmeade and Hemmer disagreed on Hillary's book tour interviews. Hemmer is fascinated by her interviews and Brian finds them boring. He said listening to Hilary speak is like listening to a dial tone.