MD Psychiatrist and Fox News ContributorDr. KEITH ABLOW called in to talk about the mistakes the Santa Barbara police made when they went and talked to mass murderer Elliot Rodger. The police should have taken him to the E.R. and looked at his apartment which is legal during a health wellness check.


WES MOORE, US Army Veteran and host & executive producer of "Coming Back with Wes Moore", talked about his series and how he decided to focus on life after serving the military.

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Fox News national security correspondent JENNIFER GRIFFIN talked about the VA scandal and why finally it is getting the attention it deserves. Brian and Jennifer talked about the President visiting the troops in Afghanistan and how a staffer told journalists the name of the top CIA agent and ruined his career.



Former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush KARL ROVE talked about Hillary Clinton and the timing of her book and her political comeback. Karl explained that her book has a lot to do with foreign policy and she was a part of way to many failures while President Obama'a Secretary of State. Mr. Rove also talked about the VA scandal and how it is failing our veterans.