HOUR 1 Col Allen West joined Kilmeade & Friends this morning and caught Brian up on his current book tour. Brian asked West if he is running for president but West wouldn't bite. On the VA scandal Col West said there has been a lack of prioritization by Obama not dealing with the VA problems. According to Col West, the only thing we should be hearing about Eric Shinseki's meeting with President Obama is Eric Shinseki announcing his resignation. Listen here:

Brian Baldinger, former offensive lineman with the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles, called in to give his expert opinion on the NFL Players filing a lawsuit against the NFL alleging illegal use of painkillers by the league. Baldinger told Brian he will not sign on to the lawsuit. Baldinger said he took his share of painkillers when necessary but has no regrets. Listen here:

HOUR 2 Mike Emanuel, chief congressional correspondent for FOX News Channel joined the show with the latest on the VA scandal and speculation on the fate of Eric Shinseki. Emanuel told Brian it's rare for members of both parties to be united on an issue as they are on the VA scandal. Plus Mike and Brian spoke about what is the next step for immigration reform and what last night's primary results mean heading into the 2014 elections.

Larry Sabato, the founder and director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics called in to discuss last night's primary results and the ramifications heading into the 2014 mid-term elections. Sabato said he thinks the republicans will take over the senate. Sabato added that republicans have learned from their mistakes. They have been focusing their minds on winning the senate.


Martha MacCallum & Bill Hemmer dropped by the studio to give the latest on President Obama's statement about the ongoing misconduct at the VA. Hemmer believes Obama is disengaged with the realities facing Americans. Hemmer added "We have a duty and responsibility to take care of our veterans". Plus Martha and Bill gave their take on the NFL Players filing a lawsuit against the NFL over the use of painkillers and last night's primary results.