HOUR 1 Fox News Contributor, Author of, "One Nation" DR. BEN CARSON dropped by and talked about how the VA scandal is a precursor of what is to come with Obamacare. On Hillary's health Dr. Carson explained that we can tell if Hillary has any brain damage or long term effects is just waiting to see how she does when talking. He also said that asking about her health is a legitimate question because you will want this information for anyone making important decisions for the nation.

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HOUR 2 OutNumbered co-host HARRIS FAULKNER dropped by and talked to Brian about Hillary Clinton's health, the VA, President Obama learning things through eh media and more.

Orlando Magic GM PAT WILLIAMS dropped by to talk about the NBA Lottery and2014 Draft, his book "The Mission is Remission" about him surviving cancer and what legendary NCAA basketball coach John Wooden telling him his greatest secret.

HOUR 3 Fox News National Security Correspondent, and author of "This Burning Land, JENNIFER GRIFFIN talked to Brian about the administration not labeling Boko Haram a terrorist organization, Ukraine and more.

The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson host GRETCHEN CARLSON reminisced about working together, Geraldo being on OutNumbered, the Commencement speech season and more.