Former U.S. Marshall, Descendant Of Wyatt Earp, Author Of New Book, "U.S. Marshals: Inside America's Most Storied Law Enforcement Agency" Mike Earp, dropped by to give us an inside look at the U.S. Marshals and why they don't get into any territorial battles with other agencies.

Former Florida Congressman Lt. Col Allen West and author of "Guardian of the Republic" talked about the Benghazi hearing, Karl Rove talking about Hillary Clinton's health and Islamic extremists in Nigeria.

Fox's Chief Congressional Correspondent Mike Emanuel talked about the XL Keystone pipeline and how the Democrats keep changing what they say,

Former Major League Baseball player and coach Willie Randolph dropped by to talk about his new book "The Yankee Way: Playing Coaching an my Life in Baseball" about his life growing up in the city and being part of 6 championships in the major leagues.

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Michael Sheehan, a career special forces officer and former assistant secretary of Defense, is currently the distinguished chair of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point talked about we might be done with Afghanistan, but, the Islamic extremists there are not done with us. On book Haram he explained that they are way over the top in believing that if you aren't Islamic you are fair game for anything. He also expressed his belief that we need to keep the pressure on terrorists and not let them run free to re-group and grow.

Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer, America's Newsroom co-hosts, dropped by and weighed in on Benghazi, Hillary's health, Beta-parenting, Charles Barkley offending the women of San Antonio and more.