ARI FLEISCHER former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush weighed in on Timothy Geithner's claims about the White House wanting him to change his talking points and said did the right thing by not lying for the White House. He expressed his belief that this White House has crossed the line by having their people spread lies about the attack in Benghazi.

The Big Fat Surprise author NINA TEICHOLZ talked about how saturated fat became villainized in the 50's and that meat cheese and butter are actually a good part of your diet. Nin explained that eating meat is fine as long as it is from a good source. You can have steak every night with no problem.


Emmy and Peabody Award winner for his work on "The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart comedian PAUL MECURIO dropped by to give us his hilarious take on Donald Sterling's recordings and "apology".

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Fox News ' National Security correspondent JENNIFER GRIFFIN talked about the kidnappings in Nigeria and how the U.S.' hands are tied, that the Middle East peace process is DOA, Syria and more...


Comedian TV and Radio host Author Comedian and Fox contributor ADAM CAROLLA talked aobut his new book President Me and talked about how when he was growing up TV commercials were about learning a trade and today all commercials are about attorneys trying to get you easy money. Adam gave his side splitting take on politics, the President, and how all debates should be spontaneous. Adam also wondered when it became a conservative value to want to support and feed your family.

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