Brian’s first birthday surprise was none other than SEAN HANNITY!  Brian and Sean talked about their all that they have in common, such as their dogs and cars.  Sean also made an exciting announcement that impacts Brian.  Listen to the announcement here!


Political guru, Dr. Larry Sabato called into the show and after giving Brian some pointers on how to celebrate his birthday (say you are half a century old, not 50), he weighed in on Monica Lewinsky being back in the news.  Sabato wondered about the timing of the Vanity Fair piece and suggested the Clintons might be behind Monica’s piece coming out now.


Lynn Cheney, wife of former VP Dick Cheney & author of “James Madison”,  said she thinks Jeb is a great guy and understands why some families have so many members in politics—because when you are in a political family you learn the business!  Mrs. Cheney also weighed in on Obamacare and said she isn’t sure if medical miracles will continue under Obamacare.



ALISYN CAMEROTA, one of Brian’s all-time favorite friends, surprised him in studio!  Watch the big reveal here!  PLUS, Brian’s mom called into the show to wish her son a happy 50th live on the air.


The celebrating continued when Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum joined the festivities with Alisyn and Brian.  Check out the picture!


Listen to some of Brian’s birthday messages!

Sen. John McCain & Sen. Lindsey Graham


Brian’s Congressman, Peter King


Mike Emanuel & Chris Wallace


Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Steve Doocy


Brian’s brothers, Steve & Jim, his wife Dawn and his daughters Kirstyn & Kaitlyn


Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum


Bret Baier, Brit Hume & Chris Stirewalt


Stuart Varney


Ainsley Earhardt


Michael Goodwin & Gretchen Carlson