Fresh off yesterdays House Oversight Committee hearing on Benghazi, Congressman Jason Chaffetz called into Kilmeade & Friends to go over the key points of the hearing. Chaffetz reminded the listeners about retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell's testimony, when the question was posed about President Obamas claimed before the 2012 election that Al Qaeda was on the run, Gen Lovell said no, it was growing in strength and expanding. One of the key things according to Chaffetz stressed is the State Department told the Libyan ambassador that it was Ansar Al-Sharia that was responsible for the attack. Chaffetz wants to know "why did the state department tell the Libyans the truth and tell the American people and the rest of the world a lie?"

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Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, and a nationally syndicated columnist spoke with Brian about what is really behind the latest delay from the Obama administration delaying the Keystone Pipeline. Kerpen said it all comes down to a hedge fund billionaire who in exchange for 100 million in donations to democrats, wants the Keystone Pipeline killed, leading the White House to delay any decision on Keystone indefinitely.


Jon Taffer, star of Bar Rescue and the new show "Hungry Investors" which debuts May 4th on Spike dropped by the studio to talk about his new show and his many successes and some failures through the years. Taffer said "the greatest way to success is to own your failure"

Chris Stirewalt joined Brian with the latest on yesterdays Benghazi hearings in congress. Stirewalt believes the worst thing to come out of the Benghazi hearings for the Obama administration was not the e-mails but from General Lovell "expressing his deep regret that Washington would not allow the United States Military to try to intervene"


Lt. Col Tony Schaffer who is a CIA trained former senior intelligence officer joined Brian to talk about the Benghazi hearings. Schaffer told Brian that the Obama administration is vicious towards anyone who speaks out against the administration on Benghazi. Schaffer can not understand why John Boehner and republican leadership has been reluctant to act. Schaffer said he has spoken to conservative republicans who claim they can not get any traction with republican leadership to pursue Benghazi properly.

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Brian closed out the week the way it began, talking about Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Brian was joined by Mike Vaccaro, senior sports columnist for the New York Post, who gave the latest update on the Sterling saga. Among the latest news is Donald Sterling has revealed he has prostate cancer. Brian and Mike also broke down what to expect from this weekends NBA playoff games.