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HOUR 1 Fox's Chief Intelligence correspondent CATHERINE HERRIDGE called in to talk about the latest bombshell from Benghazi. Catherine explained that the administration took a report from the French Associated Press rather than our intelligence community. The e-mails released show that the White House communications adviser gave the talking points to Susan Rice for the Sunday talk shows.

Former Congressman (R-FL), Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) weighed in on the Donald Sterling controversy and called them discusting and despicable. Talking about Benghazi Col. West explained that without the major news media reporting on the emails, nothing will be done and no one will be held accountable for the attack.

HOUR 2 FOX's Chief Congressional Correspondent MIKE EMANUEL discussed how it seems that even some Democrats are getting impatient with President Obama and Senator Harry Reid over the delay on building the Keystone Pipeline. Mike talked about Democrats also jumping ship on wanting to raise the minimum wage because studies show that it will kill jobs and economic growth.

Fox News contributor and founder TAMARA HOLDER explained why Donald Sterling should not try and fight being forced to sell the L.A. Clippers. Tamara went on to say that Sterling is a symbol of what is going on in America and we can't deny it because we still have race issues that we have to deal with. She went on to say that President Obama used minorities to get elected and has forgotten and abandoned the inner cities.

HOUR 3 America's Newsroom co-host BILL HEMMER dropped by and touched on the latest email evidence on Benghazi and that the mainstream media should look in deeper, Donald Sterling banned for life, Obama's foreign policy strategy and more...