HOUR 1 Former Congressman (R-FL) and author of "Guardian of the Republic" Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) talked about how what is going on in Ukraine is similar to what he saw when he was first in the military. Col. West explained that China is also looking at the message we are sending Putin and is looking at what they can do to push us around. We are seeing what the world looks like when the United States does not take an active role in world politics.

HOUR 2 RNC Chairman REINCE PRIEBUS talked about kids sports leagues not wanting competition and giving everyone a trophy for participating. On the GOP Reince said that they have to become a real party, not one that just shows up every 4 years and hooks itself to the Presidential candidate. They need to be out in the battleground states every pushing their agenda. Chairman Preibus explained that they will be calling Senator Harry Reid out for using taxpayer website and twitter feeds to bash Republicans because he feels that he can circumvent the law and do whatever he wants to do.

FOX's Chief Congressional Correspondent MIKE EMANUEL discussed Cove Point (the next pipeline controversy), Keystone, and bio-fuels less green than gasoline.

HOUR 3 Foreign Policy director at the Johns Hopkins School of International studies and author of "The Road To Global Prosperity" Professor MICHAEL MANDELBAUM stopped by and discussed how smart the Russian invasion of Ukraine is and how they are taking the country piece by piece. The West could reduce Putin's power and ability to take back former Soviet states, by weakening and cutting his profits from selling oil and gas. On making kids sports non-competitive, professor Mandelbaum explained that it is a part of life and you need to learn how to bounce back.

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America's Newsroom co-host MARTHA MACCALLUM dropped by to talk about the latest on Ukraine, Hillary's potential 201 run and having kids participating in non-competative sports leagues.