Former Governor ROBERT EHRLICH (R-MD) and author of "America: Hope for Change" dropped by the studio and explained that the Democrats will run on wedge issues like race because it is their last refuge and they are afraid.  They can't run on the economy, health care or their foreign policy because they need to divide. The Dems will keep using wedge issues until it stops working.

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Congressman PETER KING (R-NY), and member of the Home land Security Committee, talks about Edward Snowden getting a Pulitzer, and the Boston Marathon bombing one year later, and Dems calling GOP members racist.  Rep. King explained that although Russia didn't give us all the information, the FBI dropped the ball on the Boston Marathon bombing by not sharing information about the Tsarnaev brothers.  The fact that Democrats are calling Republican members racist is a very serious charge because in our society today, it is the worst thing you can say about someone and never should be used unless there is real evidence to back it up.  On the Ukraine crisis we must arm Kiev, start military maneuvers with other Eastern European countries and start sending natural gas to Europe so they have no need for Russia.



Chairman on the House Intelligence Committee and former FBI agent Congressman MIKE J. ROGERS (R-MI) talks the Ukraine crisis and the Boston Marathon bombing and if Russia held back intelligence which led to the attack one year ago. Russia has their troops ready to go over, but waiting to see what the U.S. and European reaction is going to be. Putin is trying to send a very clear message to countries like Ukraine and Georgia that we will not allow you to be part of NATO. Congressman Rogers also explained that he can't get the President's attention to understand that the huge al-Qaeda build up in Syria is a growing threat to our national security.

The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson host, GRETCHEN CARLSON, dropped by and talked about Ukraine, the Boston Marathon bombing and much more.