kilmeade at mic in radio studio


HOUR 1 Brian was joined in studio by Rep Sean Duffy (R-WI) & Sgt Matt Eversmann, who is a Real Life Hero of Blackhawk Down. Sgt Eversmann spoke about the issues facing many returning veterans such as hearing loss and PTSD. When talk turned to Kathleen Sebelius being replaced, Rep Duffy said, "It was a little sunnier day in America"

HOUR 2 Rep Tim Murphy (R-PA) called in to the show and gave Brian an update about the mass stabbings at the Pennsylvania high school which is located in his district. On the IRS targeting conservative groups Murphy said, "Nobody should be the target of an IRS investigation. Their job is to collect taxes, period."

Fresh off the Kilmeade and Friends DC Christmas party, Chris Stirewalt, Fox's digital politics editor, joined Brian and weighed in on AG Eric Holder bringing up race as a factor at his recent hearing. Plus: Stirewalt spoke about the democrats continuing to spin the impact of Obamacare. Stirewalt's line of the day: "The most dangerous thing is Washington is drinking your own kool-aid."

HOUR 3 Mark Mazzetti, author of "THE WAY OF THE KNIFE: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth" joined Brian to give his expert take on foreign affairs, including the latest on Syria, Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Rep. Blake Farenthold, who also made headlines in his criticism of AG Eric Holder at the House Judicial Committee hearing on April 8th, called in to explain his remarks. Farenthold said this about Eric Holder, "He is the people's attorney but he is acting like President Obama's attorney." Farenthold also told Brian he is upset about the insinuation that he is a racist for criticizing Eric Holder. "I am personally hurt that it was insinuated that I was a racist."

Listen here for the entire interview:

To finish out the week, Brian was joined by Kevin McCarthy, founder Kevin reviewed "Draft Day" and felt the movie was more of an advertisement for the NFL draft.