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Brian was live from Washington D.C.


Brian was joined by Sen Joe Manchin in DC. Senator Manchin spoke of having more bi- partisan cooperation in Washington. Manchin told Brian of his support for the Keystone Pipeline saying it will have positive job results. As to why there has been no progress getting the pipeline approved? Manchin said "it is stuck at the White House" When Manchin was asked if he saw race when Holder sparred with Republicans he said "No, and I would say Eric should rise above that..." On the race card used against those who are critical of President Obama Manchin said "we have the first African America President who was elected and re- elected. If Race was the predominantly moving order of the day, he would not have been elected the first time or re-elected."

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Senator Lindsey Graham called in to talk about the lack of movement on getting to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi. Graham said "the process in the House is never going to get to the truth I believe you have different committees looking at this as an individual tree and you are missing the need a select committee where everybody hears the same they can compare notes" Graham points out his belief there is a conflict of interest in getting to the truth. "The chief investigator for the House intelligence committee, Mike Allan is now working at a P.R. firm with Mike Morrell...the former number two at the CIA, who I believe manipulated the talking points for political reasons." Graham made the strong point against the argument that too much time has passed and we should move on from Benghazi. Graham : "It's never too late to get to the truth"

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Patricia Driscoll President & Executive Director, Armed Forces Foundation and race car driver Kurt Bush stopped by to talk about the Armed Forces Foundation which hosted its 10th Annual Congressional Gala in DC last night. Patricia points out the changes in attitude in the military towards soldiers who have PTSD. In the past a soldier was considered weak if he tried to seek out treatment for PTSD but today a soldier is encouraged to seek out help. Kurt Bush spoke of working with the NASCAR Troops To The Track program that helps returning soldiers have a day of fun and get their minds off their troubled past. If you want to help out the Armed Forces Foundation go to


Chris Wallace anchor of FOX News Sunday, was with Brian to talk about AG Holder and Rep Gohmert sparring with each other. Wallace believes it would be better if both sides talked to each other in a civil way. Wallace doesn't think republicans were respectful to AG Holder. Turning to Jeb Bush's saying illegal immigration is not a felony but an"act of love" Wallace said he gives marks to Jeb Bush for having the courage of his convictions. While Wallace said he is in favor of immigration reform, he finds some of what Jeb Bush had to say a bridge too far.

Next up Brian was joined by Chris Stirewalt, digital politics editor for Fox News Channel. Brian and Chris discussed the Obama administrations new focus on the pay gap for women in the workforce and the cries of racism over any criticism of Obama and AG Holder. Stirewalt points out that the reason the administration is changing focus is because the latest polls show the American people are not in favor of Obamacare. Democrats need to shift focus away from Obamacare in the 2014 mid-term elections.

Rounding out the hour was Howard Kurtz, Fox News analyst & the host of "MediaBuzz" on FNC. Brian picked Kurtz brain on everything from the media coverage of the missing Malaysian plane to the cries of racism by Holder over his treatment by Republicans.


Opening up the final hour of Brian's broadcast from Washington DC was Bret Baier, anchor of FOX News Channel's (FNC) Special Report with Bret Baier. Brian and Bret told listeners the latest news concerning the IRS hearings, Benghazi and Ukraine. Bret also gave Brian and the listeners a sneak preview of his upcoming book "Special Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage and Love". The book is the personal story told through the eyes of Bret Baier as he and his wife face the most daunting challenge in life - caring for their critically ill son.

Last but not least in Brian's jam packed show was James Rosen, FNC chief Washington correspondent. The main topic was the U.S. giving up control of the internet which is upsetting some Republicans who fear Russia & China could take control and limit internet freedoms. James also had a little fun with Brian when he suggested coming up with a new intro to play before Rosen comes on for his weekly spot on Kilmeade & Friends.