Professor LARRY SABATO is an American political scientist and Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia, and director of its Center for Politics talks about the gender pay gap and the mid-term elections. Professor Sabato agreed with Brian that the gender gap issue is just a political ploy by the Democrats to get the women vote in the mid-terms. Professor Sabato also explained that Jeb Bush's stance on immigration will cause him problems in the Republican primaries. On whether student athletes should get paid the Professor believes that the student athletes shouldn't get a salary but more of their expenses should be taken care of.


Fox Business Network's Money with Melissa Francis host MELISSA FRANCIS      drops by to talk about the so called "gender pay gap."  Melissa feels that there is no pay discrepancy just factors that lead them to careers that are more flexible and spend less time at the job.


Fox's National Security Correspondent JENNIFER GRIFFIN explained that everyone should be concerned because Russia is continuing their Crimean strategy to try and take over more, if not all of, Ukraine.  On the CIA's enhanced interrogation investigation the tension and bad blood between Congress and the CIA is the highest ever. We have to remember that in the context of the time period, after 9/11, the CIA was given leeway to prevent another domestic attack.



Nationally syndicated consumer expert CLARK HOWARD, host of The Clark Howard Show, talks about the IRS and the new tax rates and rules.  The new tax code has become extremely difficult and if you make a decent amount of money you have a bulls eye on you to be audited. The IRS targets people making a couple hundred thousand or more and own your own business gets you special scrutiny.  Clark went over the 14 red flags that will get you audited.

Shark Tank's KEVIN O'LEARY author of "Men, Women and Money" talked about his life and growing up and watching his mother work to put him through school.  He also explained how money is the most important relationship in your life.