Senator MIKE LEE (R-UT) was on to discuss Obamacare and how it will continue to harm the American people until it is repealed and replaced with .... Senator Lee feels that the GOP has to run on replacing Obamacare and that they have to pick a single plan and get behind it. He also feels that the Tea Party has become a significant part of the Republican Party and will play a big role in them getting the Senate back this year.

New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN discussed President Obama touting 7 million signing up for health insurance but that number doesn't tell us if it is really working for people and the country because no one knows who has actually has paid in. Obama is touting the 7 million sign up because it is all about him and the next election.  Obama has never really governed but has only campaigned. On Charter Schools Michael talks about how they are getting a bad rap from detractors and teachers unions.  The left just can't accept that Charters are doing better without unionized teachers. The Charter movement is an experiment that is working and should be embraced.


Fox News Channel's Chief White House correspondent ED HENRY talked about Brian's surprise 50th Birthday party this weekend.  Mr. Henry explained that President Obama is trying to get the focus off Obamacare for the mid-term elections and shift to equal pay for women to get them mobilized and out to vote this year.

Author of "The Frackers" and special writer for The Wall Street Journal, GREGORY ZUCKERMAN dropped by the studio and talked about the XL pipeline and the political holdup has caused business men to come up with alternative ways to get the oil down to the Gulf Coast. Zuckerman explained how this is a win because it is about energy independence and job creation.

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Fox News Channel's "Special Report" anchor BRET BAIER talked about the administration focusing on dealing with equal pay for women and other things that they don't really need to get Congress involved with. Brian called all these actions as window dressing and Bret described it as a political tool for the Democrats during the mid-term elections.

Fox's Chief Washington Correspondent JAMES ROSEN talked about more Russian protests taking public buildings in eastern Ukraine and the concerns that this can grow into another Crimean like take-over. James also talked about Russia increasing Ukraine's gas prices over 80%.  James also called former President George W. Bush's portraits of other world leaders as serviceable and let us know he was a caricature artist during his high school years, and continues to do some under pseudo names, and therefore has a deep understanding of art.