LT. COL. TONY SHAFFER joined Brian in studio and previewed what we can expect from fmr CIA Dir Mike Morell’s testimony on Benghazi.


Col Allen West joined Brian for his weekly hit and weighed in on President Obama touting the Obamacare enrollment numbers.   Brian couldn’t help but point out President Obama’s difference in tone from when he is supposedly talking tough to Putin compared to when he attacks Republicans!


Former NFL player KURT WARNER & his wife BRENDA stopped by the studio and talked about raising their seven kids and the things that contribute to a happy family. 



FOX’s Mike Emanuel called in from the Hill and gave Brian an update on the latest coming out of the Benghazi hearings and Morrell’s testimony.  


Bill White, former Deputy Energy Secretary in the Clinton Administration and former Houston Mayor, joined Brian to talk about his new  book, America’s Fiscal Constitution: Its Triumph & Collapse.  In the book, White talks about how federal leaders imposed clear limits on the use of federal debt and lays out how previous leaders made tough decisions to balance the budget.  Until recently, presidents used to have taxes directly linked to projects they wanted to fund, such as Panama Canal Bonds.  One surprising piece of information White told Brian and the listeners was that George W Bush and Barack Obama’s fiscal policies are very similar. White pointed out that our GDP is at an all-time high, yet the government is borrowing close to a trillion dollars a year.



Martha MacCallum and Brian discussed the latest coming out of former CIA Acting Director Mike Morrell testimony before Congress.  Martha thought Morrell did a good job at explaining himself but said there still a lot of questions to be answered!