The NY Post’s Michael Goodwin discussed his latest column in which he describes President Obama as, A Caesar at home and a Chamberlain abroad, Obama manages to simultaneously provoke fury and ridicule. He bullies critics here while shrinking from adversaries there.  He divides the country and unites the world against us, ­diminishing the nation in both ways.  His reign of terror can’t end soon enough, nor can it end well.”


Brian was joined by JOHN C. GOODMAN, President of the National Center for Policy Analysis & creator of the Health Savings Account, to discuss the Obamacare enrollment deadline.  Goodman said the law is a costly failed experiment and its treatment of people is arbitrary and unfair.  Goodman also predicted that Obamacare’s economic impact is only going to get worse.   



Fresh off his trip overseas with President Obama, FOX’s Ed Henry recapped his journey and even revealed to Brian what makes him happy—playing golf!



Like Ed Henry, golf also makes BRET BAIER happy, especially when he is walking down the fairway with his sons (which could be the reason why Brian isn’t happy playing golf—he never gets to walk down the fairway to get to his ball!).  Bret also talked about the Obamacare enrollment deadline and the latest happenings with Ukraine.


Dr. Andrei Illarionov, former Chief Economic Adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin & current senior fellow at the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, gave Brian an insider’s perspective as to what Putin is thinking when it comes to Crimea, Ukraine and President Obama.  Illarionov said the troops gathering at the Russia-Ukraine border are not there to invade, but to intimidate.  He also explained that by President Obama saying he won’t use military force it opens the door for Putin to be more aggressive.  He continued saying the world isn’t dealing with a Catholic Priest, but rather someone who understands different signals.  Obama shouldn’t think about using military assets to open fire, but instead think of them as a way to intimidate Putin.