Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY checked in from the Vatican where he is traveling with the President. He talked about the President meeting with the Pope and talking about their differences and how they need to open a dialogue to talk about their differences.  Their next stop is Saudi Arabia where they will talk about Iran.

"Fox and Friends" co-host STEVE DOOCY stopped into the studio and talked about the newest Obamacare delay, President Obama saying this is not the beginning of a new cold war and the Northwestern football ruling.


"Fox News Sunday" host CHRIS WALLACE talked about President Obama and Pope Francis meeting face to face for the first time.  Chris and Brian discussed the latest Obamacare delay saying that it is a sign of just another problem with the law. Chris went on to say that they should just admit that the administration just wants to give everyone an extension and denying this isn't a delay. On the IRS hearings Chris believes that the committee has actually messed up the investigation and that they should have given Lois Lerner immunity to get the whole truth without dragging this along.

"Fox and Friends First" co-host AINSLEY EARHARDT dropped by and talked about the perils of wearing high heels and we learned that Brian doesn't look at cheerleaders at sporting events because there is no need to because he has no shot.


Media Strategist ADAM GOODMAN looks into David Jolly's campaign and how other GOP candidates can look at it and learn how to win the mid-term elections. The special election in Florida wasn't just about Obamacare but all the problems with America.

Congressman STEVE KING (R-IA) called in to talk about the upcoming vote for the resolution on Ukraine to send a message to Putin and his belief that we are not making the right moves against Russia. He also believes that President is way off on his belief that Russia is not our number one geo-political foe and that Putin's overall strategy is to rebuild the Iron Curtain. Congressman King also weighed in on two Iowa politicians who have made news: First, Rep. Bruce Braley calling out farmers in his fight for Senator Harkin's seat; Second, Joni Ernst's ad. Although he wouldn't endorse anyone, Congressman King thought Braley was making a huge mistake defending trial lawyers but loved Ernst's commercial because it was really creative and a perfect fit for Iowa. He also feels that Republican values resonate in the hearts of Iowans and that they have to rip out Obamacare from the roots like it never happened. He also believes that delaying the employer mandate was the starkest example of the President violating the Constitution.