Aviation expert and consultant J.P. TRISTANI says the debris spotted last night is very hopeful and can lead to some answers. What bothers J.P. the most is that after the last transmission they did not immediately start looking for the airplane.  He also said that safely landing in the ocean is extremely difficult because of the size of waves. J.P. also claims that the Australian Prime Minister chose his words very carefully about what their satellite found because it definitely has better capability than they are willing to admit.

Democratic strategist JOE TRIPPI weighs in on the upcoming midterm elections and whether Democrats are in big trouble. Joe believes that the Dems could lose as many as 10 seats in the Senate and therefore their majority. He also expressed his belief that the reason the Democrats will lose is because of the 6th year of Obama's presidency and not Obamacare. Joe and Brian totally disagreed


"Fox and Friends" co-host STEVE DOOCY dropped by with Former UK Ministry of Defense Advisor MICHAEL KAY for the latest on the missing Malaysian airplane. Michael Kay explained that the planes sent out searching for Flight 370 are made expressly for ocean search missions including looking for submarines. Kay also believes that Indonesia is withholding information because they have very sophisticated radar and Flight 370 had to fly within their area.


"Fox News Sunday" host CHRIS WALLACE on the missing airplane talked about the Australian Prime Minister's statement on debris that was found is four days old and it could already have sunk.  On the Ukraine crisis Chris says that the Vice President sounds tired and not a man that is leading the charge.  Chris explained that our sanctions are so weak that Russia feels they can do anything they want because the West is not serious. It's time we go back to Ronald Reagan and have "peace through strength."


Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co." host STUART VARNEY talked about how remote Perth is and how difficult it is going to be to find the debris in the ocean nearby. When asked if the plane went down because of mechanical failure, Stuart said their stock should not be hurt at all because the 777 fleet is one of the safest around.


"Fox and Friends First" co-host AINSLEY EARHARDT was on with her take on stories you may have missed. Ainsley talked about the man who was duped by someone on OKCupid for $70 thousand dollars, the teen accused of gaining access to the top of the WTC and Detroit spends more to issue parking tickets than it collects and more.



White House Chief Information Officer from 2006-08 and author of Privacy in the Age of Big Data, THERESA PAYTON talks about living in the technological age and how millennials are very concerned about our privacy.  She explained that there is more than just the government to worry about but what about all the giant companies and how they track us and find out what our habits are.  Theresa gave some simple tips like turning off your wi-fi and bluetooth when you are not using that. On Edward Snowden, Theresa explained that his actions opened a good dialogue but we have to understand that any type of data collection is hackable. On our government giving away our control of the internet Theresa talked about how efficient ICAN has been and she is actually shocked that we are giving up that control.


Comedian PAUL MECURIO takes a lighter look at the top news stories including Crimea, the missing airplane and the chocolate cookie shot glass that you can fill with milk.