New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN explained that if we don’t stand up and fight the Russians with strong economic sanctions, Putin will feel that he has free reign to do whatever he wants with Eastern European nations.  Michael went on to say that once again President Obama has misread the world and the bad guys are erupting everywhere and are not afraid of anyone.  We need to have peace through strength and not weakness.


Former UK Ministry of Defense Advisor MICHAEL KAY called with some possibilities of what could have happened to the missing Malaysian airliner.  Michael explained that you have to look into the pilot and co-pilot because without any physical wreck you have to make it a criminal investigation.  Michael also elaborated why he believes the airplane will be found in the Indian Ocean.


Former CIA Operative WAYNE SIMMONS expressed his belief that for a 777 to disappear it has to be a sophisticated state sponsored attack and done by people with special black-ops training. It is the biggest most sophisticated piece of equipment and it’s just gone, so this had to be well planned and thought out.  On the crisis in the Crimea he explained that the sad truth is that the United States will  not do anything and we are being laughed at. Wayne explained that because Obama has shown nothing but weakness, and every country in the world will continue to take pot shots at the U.S. and we won’t do anything.

Faith & Freedom Coalition Founder & Chairman RALPH REED called to talk about his new book Awakening: How America Can Turn from Moral and Economic Destruction Back to Greatness and if the mid-term elections will turn the country around.



Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” host BRET BAIER talked about the President coming out to talk about the President’s statement on Ukraine and what the sanctions he announced actually mean.


Fox’s Chief Washington Correspondent JAMES ROSEN looked into the Ukrainian crisis and explained that the sanctions levied against Russia will not bother them at all.  Concerning the European Union, James Rosen expressed his belief that because of their dependency to Russian natural gas they will not make any substantial sanctions against them.