Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and author RALPH PETERS talked about the Ukraine crisis and explained that Vladimir Putin is a brutal man that acts first. Lt. Colonel Peters expressed his belief that the only thing left to see is how much of Ukraine Putin will take because he is not returning the Crimean area. He also said that Vladimir is not afraid of the United States or Europe and will do whatever he wants until real action is taken.  Lt. Colonel Peters also expressed his belief that President Obama is weak and does not believe in America.



Fox's National Security Correspondent JENNIFER GRIFFIN explained that Putin is laying the ground work for a greater land grab in Ukraine.

Jerusalem Post columnist and author of "The Israeli Solution", CAROLINE GLICK, talks about President Obama pressuring Israel to give up some land to Palestinians.


Retired Navy Commander and former Pentagon spokesperson JD GORDON talked about Ukraine and said that Putin wants to reconstitute the Russian Empire. He also said that any of the smaller nations around Russia should be worried of an armed take over.

The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson host, GRETCHEN CARLSON, dropped by and talked about the crisis in Ukraine and said that it seems that President Obama doesn't really want to deal with foreign policy.