Sen John McCain joined Brian Kilmeade on Kilmeade and Friends this morning and covered a range of topics including Ukraine, Syria, Benghazi & even took a swipe at CBS. 

Below are highlights from each topic:


McCain responded to Catherine Herridge’s package from Special Report on Mike Morrell’s silence.  McCain said Morrell did tell them that the FBI changed the talking points and that to this day they have still not been told who made the final changes to them.  McCain is convinced the talking points came from the White House because there is no evidence to support them.  McCain believes this is a cover up and still wants to know what President Obama did on the night of the attack.


Brian asked why Morrell would fall on the sword for the administration and McCain speculated there were pressures and there may have been an opening as the director of the CIA rather than the deputy saying, “You never know why people may compromise their oath of office.”  Brian mentioned that Morell is now at CBS, to which McCain asked, “Does it surprise you who hired him?!”


Brian asked Sen. McCain why he thinks Obama is naïve to which McCain cited the following examples: pushing the reset button, the conversation with Medvedev to tell Putin he will be more flexible after election.   McCain said Ukraine is all about Putin wanting to restore the Russian empire and Ukraine is the crown jewel.  Putin believes Ukraine is part of Russia and will do whatever is necessary to keep it.  McCain explained that Putin is doing nothing to help the U.S. because he wants to restore the Russian Empire.


McCain said, “So when I call the President naïve it is because the President he doesn’t know who he is dealing with and he doesn’t appreciate it.  I mean, ‘tell Vladimir I will be more flexible if I am reelected’ and then he made some statement just in the last few days ‘well, this is not a return to the cold war.’  You know in a way it is because Putin never gave up on it.  You know, Putin said the greatest disaster that ever happened to Russia was the fall of the Soviet Union!” 


McCain wasn’t surprised over the reports that Syria is again using chemical weapons.  He als talked about the bombs Assad is dropping on his citizens.  On Syria, McCain reiterated his stance on President Obama’s naiveté, “This President, again, naively believed that somehow they could talk Bashar Assad into leaving power.” 


Movie guru Kevin McCarthy previewed this weekend’s box office openers, including Pompeii & 3 days to Kill!


FOX’s Catherine Herridge updated Brian on the latest Benghazi developments.


FOX’s Chris Stirewalt joined Brian for his weekly hit and took listener’s calls as well as chiming in on the news of the day!   


Milton Pashcow, 95 year old veteran and first time author, joined Brian to talk about his first published work,  Sicilian Escapade! 


Cassie Chapman, Ericka Page White & Sarah Davidson of TNT’s Private Lives of Nashville Wives stopped by the studio to talk about their new show and give Brian some tips on the hot spots to hit this weekend in Nashville when he is there to promote George Washington’s Secret Six!