Karl Rove, former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush, joined Brian and sounded off on democrats and Obamacare.  Brian asked about some red state democrats who have been shying away from President Obama and a fired up Rove responded by saying those same dems have been loyally defending the President over the past 5 years and voted for every big thing he has wanted!  An exasperated Rove finally declared, “BALONEY!…This is an election eve conversion and nobody should trust them!”       

Brian’s TV co-host, Steve Doocy, swung by the studio to plug his appearance later today at the Home Depot.  He will be there to buy rock salt!


Chris Wallace, Mr. Fox News Sunday, joined Brian for his weekly hit to preview his show and tried to cast himself in the movie version of George Washington’s Secret Six!  Chris’ vision is the movie should start with Brian being interviewed by no one other than himself on Fox News Sunday and then fade to a flashback of Washington’s spy ring! 


Mike Rowe, former host of Dirty Jobs & author of Profoundly Disconnected, talked about everything from his start at QVC selling lava lamps and the katsak to his new book and our country’s attitude towards hard work!


Ashley Dvorkin, FOX entertainment reporter, updated Brian on American Idol (“Harry Connick Jr. has added so much to the show!”), House of Cards on Netflix & Jimmy Fallon’s move to The Tonight Show!


Mike Rubin, fellow at the American Enterprise Institute & author of Dancing with the Devil, talked about our relationship with Pakistan and a conversation he had with the head of their intelligence service.  Rubin cited some examples of how our actions have caused anti-Americanism within Pakistan.