Col Allen West talked about whether or not the US should even enter into discussions to trade Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for 5 Gitmo detainees.  West doesn’t want to negotiate with the Taliban and legitimize them or the Haqqani network.  West asked,Why aren’t the Pakistanis doing anything to help us?!”  West went on to say he is also skeptical of the Pakistanis considering UBL was in the same city as their military academy!

Con Coughlin, Executive Foreign Editor of The Daily Telegraph & author of Churchill’s First War: Young Winston At War with the Afghans, swung by the Kilmeade and Friends studio and offered up his first-rate insight on Afghanistan and the Middle East.  Con explained why he decided to research Churchill’s first war and went on to compared how the war in Afghanistan is the same now as it was back then. 

Hour 2

FOX’s Mike Emanuel gave Brian the skinny on Washington’s shenanigans, including Obama’s use of executive orders, climate change and the 2014 elections!


Amb John Bolton, former US Amb to the UN, stopped by the radio studio and talked about a litany of issues, including the current situation in Syria.  Amb. Bolton thinks it is basically a hopeless situation and we should put the focus back on Iran.   

Hour 3

COVER STORY! ~ Jeff Benedict, who penned this week’s Sports Illustrated cover story on Duke’s Jabari Parker & Coach K, The Education: One Supremely Gifted Freshman, One Hall of Fame Coach, An Intimate Look, joined Brian IN STUDIO and gave Brian and his listeners a behind the scenes look at what went into putting together this incredible piece.    

FOX’s Martha MacCallum & Bill Hemmer joined Brian for their weekly hit and discussed how watching the Olympics has changed due to the internet and social media!