New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN talked about the problems with Obamacare and Democrats attempting to spin the disincentive to work.  Goodwin went on to explain that this disincentive to work is un-American.


Fox Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY called in to discuss the possibility of immigration reform and explained that although it may not happen now, it could be brought back later in the year.  He also talked about Republican fears that President Obama might try to tweak the immigration reform like he has with Obamacare. Ed and Brian also looked into how Democrats might not want to campaign with the President in the mid-term elections.


JOHNNY WALKER and JAMES DEFELICE authors of CODE NAME: JOHNNY WALKER, The Extraordinary Story of the Iraqi Who Risked Everything to Fight with the U.S. Navy SEALs dropped by the studio and spoke about Johnny’s job in helping the Navy SEALs in Iraq and how he was targeted by insurgents. Johnny got emotional when talking about his bond with late SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, and also touched on how corruption and extremists are tearing the country apart.


“Special Report” anchor BRET BAIER talked about the Democratic attempt to spin the CBO report saying that Obamacare is going to “help” families by having them work less hours and make less money.  Bret also touched on Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) trying to get the GOP to negotiate for raising the debt ceiling.


Fox Chief Washington Correspondent and Beatles fanatic, JAMES ROSEN critiqued “The Night that Changed America: The Beatles – A Grammy Salute” and talked about The Hillary Papers.


Surgeon, author and TV personality Dr. MEHMET OZ dropped by to talk about some of the tricks to help keep your weight down.  He also talked about the benefits of weight loss surgery and explains why if correctly done it is a very helpful procedure.