HOUR 1 Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) dissects and responds to President Obama's post Afghanistan war plan during his fifth State of the Union.

Baseball Hall of Famer CAL RIPKEN JR. stopped by radio row and talked some football with Brian.

Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff for former President George W. Bush, KARL ROVE, dissected the State of the Union and explained that President Obama's economic recovery isn't working so he tries to deflect from that by bringing up income inequality. Mr. Rove explained that the President seemed bored and that the speech was

HOUR 2 Fox News Channel's America's News HQ co-host ALISYN CAMEROTA looked into President Obama taking credit for the energy boom during the State of the Union.

Fox NFL Sunday's CURT MENEFEE gives us a Super Bowl pre-view and a look at what the Fox pre-game show will include.

Super Bowl XLIV MVP DREW BREES stopped by radio row and talked about how the players prepare for the big game and how those there for the first time seek out advice from those who have been there.

HOUR 3 Fox Sports Analyst and Super Bowl champion, TONY SIRAGUSA , called into Kilmeade and Friends to preview the Super Bowl, tell us what he has lined up for the game and explains how his work ethic lead him to the NFL.

4 time Super Bowl champion and wounded Vietnam veteran, ROCKY BLEIER, talked about fighting for the country and participating in the Wounded Warrior game at Cody Field in New Jersey tonight.

Fox & Friends co-host ELISABETH HASSELBECK talks about the State of the Union and how a space heater set Brian's coat on fire at radio row.