Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA) joined Brian and previewed tonight’s State of the Union.  Chairman McKeon said he would be surprised if President Obama talked about Afghanistan tonight when he addresses the nation (as a Commander in Chief he is AWOL).  McKeon also discussed how our standing has diminished around the world, Benghazi, security at the Olympics, his upcoming retirement and Obamacare.  


After giving his expert take on Paul McCartney & Ringo Star’s performance at the Grammys, Brian and James Rosen talked about former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton admitting that what happened in Benghazi is her biggest regret.


Fox’s National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin joined Brian for her weekly Tuesday hit and revealed her thoughts on the most interesting parts from fmr Sec. Gates book.  Jennifer was the most intrigued when Gates spoke about Obama’s lack of passion regarding sending troops into Afghanistan.  Jennifer explained that it was very hard to hear that Obama was still sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan even though he was never passionate about winning.  Griffin said that that was very hard to hear in black in white, even though she had noticed that lack of passion when covering the WH and this administration from the Pentagon.


EXCLUSIVE!  President of Fox Sports, Eric Shanks, gave Brian a preview of what to expect at the Super Bowl!  Will Mrs. Obama will be making an appearance before the Super Bowl?!  Will there be a fly over?!  What did Shanks think about Richard Sherman’s outburst to Erin Andrews & why did Fox Sports cut away?!  Watch to find out!

FOX’s Gretchen Carlson joined Brian in studio to preview the State of the Union and what was coming up on her show, The Real Story w/Gretchen Carlson, at 2 PM ET!