The NY Post’s Mike Goodwin sounded off on President Obama’s handling of foreign policyHe said it is no surprise that he doesn’t talk to world leaders considering he doesn’t even talk to republicans at home!


PJ O’Rourke, author of The Baby Boom: How It Got That Way & It Wasn’t My Fault & I’ll Never Do It Again, sat down with Brian and sounded off on the problems of the different generations!  Brian and PJ shared the stories of their children’s sports trophies and how they value them differently than Brian & PJ did when they were kids.


Brad Taylor, author of The Polaris Protocol, joined Brian and explained how society relies on our GPS systems, how they work and how screwed we would be if the GPS systems were taken out!


After sounding off on the latest developments on A-Rod, FOX’s Ed Henry informed Brian and his listeners about the latest happenings coming from the White House!


Brian sat down with Emmy-nominated Jason Silva, host of the National Geographic Channel’s BRAIN GAMES, who explained a few of the brain games explored this season.  Watch Brian’s interview with Jason below!


Brian was joined by FOX’s James Rosen & Bret Baier!  Bret gave Brian the background on his hilarious wrinkled pants story & James gave Brian the latest details on the nuclear arms deal with Iran!  


Hollyscoop’s Diana Madison recapped the highlights and lowlights from last night’s Golden Globes!