Col. Allen West reacted to some of fmr DefSec Robert Gates’ revelations.  Specifically, on the story that people in the White House usurped the Pentagon and reached out directly to commanders on the ground.  West informed the Kilmeade and Friends listeners that the only people who should be talking to 4-star commanders are the President, the Chairman of Joint Chiefs and the Defense Secretary!


Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer sat down with Brian and gave him a first-hand account of his recent trip to Egypt!  On the Gates’ revelations, Shaffer said it was very clear that if you disagreed with the Obama Administration’s narrative they would come after you because they did it to him! 


FOX’s Mike Emanuel talked about the latest happenings on the Hill such as extending unemployment benefits, immigration reform, extending the debt ceiling & the Gates’ revelations! 


Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX) called into Kilmeade and Friends and weighed in on the revelations contained in DefSec Bob Gates’ book.  Gohmert said he was not surprised by what was in the book and was very grateful that Gates revealed the insights he did.  On the assertion that Obama and Clinton opposed the surge in Iraq due to politics, Gohmert explained that that example tells you a lot because, “If she was willing to play politics with our military’s lives in Afghanistan or Iraq then certainly it makes sense that’s exactly what she did in Benghazi.  It was all about politics!”

FBN’s Lou Dobbs, author of Upheaval, sat down with Brian, and among other things, explained what is wrong with our country as well as the RNC’s messaging on abortion!  Dobbs also talked about his time at CNN as well as MSNBC’s lineup.  Dobbs said he can’t tell if it is President Obama or Debbie Wasserman Schultz are deciding their lineup!


FOX’s Martha MacCallum & Bill Hemmer continued the discussion on the Gates’ book with Brian and  many of Kilmeade and Friends’ loyal listeners!