Brian kicked off the show with Michael Goodwin of the NY Post. Brian and Michael talked about Obama's weak policy in the Mid East affecting not only Iraq but the entire region. Goodwin said "our absence in the Middle East is emboldening our enemies"


Ed Henry, Fox News Channel's chief White House correspondent joined Brian to talk about President Obama's 2014 agenda. Brian and Ed believe the Obama administration will focus on unemployment as well as a renewed push for immigration reform.

Have today's men lost their manliness? Brian was joined by Darrin Patrick, author of "The Dude's Guide to Manhood". Darrin spoke with Brian about how men need to get back to being REAL MEN.

Listen here:


Fresh off his holiday vacation, Bret Baier, anchor of  FNC's Special Report joined Brian to talk about the debate between Democrats and Republicans over unemployment benefits. Brian and Bret also touched on the infighting among Republicans over the NSA. Brian took a moment to congratulate Bret on his five year anniversary as anchor of Special Report.

FNC chief Washington correspondent James Rosen joined Brian to break down the ramifications a resurrected Al Qaeda in Iraq will have in the Middle East.