Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) called into Kilmeade and Friends to welcome the show to Florida’s News 96-5 Orlando and chimed in on some of the news of the day!  Gov. Scott talked about Florida’s economic turnaround, low unemployment rates as well as the 2014 Gubernatorial race.   Listen to Brian’s interview with Gov. Scott

Fox’s own Gov Mike Huckabee wished Brian and his listeners a Merry Christmas and talked about what he would do if he were to run for President in 2016!  You really need to hear what Huckabee had to say when Brian asked if Chuck Norris has the endurance to stay with him if he were to run!   Listen to Brian’s full interview with Gov. Huckabee HERE!






Brian was joined by Nasir Shansab, author of Silent Trees: A Novel of Afghanistan and who was once Afghanistan’s leading industrialist before being forced to leave the country in 1975, and gave his unique insight into the possibility of the US and Afghanistan coming to an agreement on the security deal.




FOX’s Chris Stirewalt offered up his predictions for 2014.  Chris said the only hope dems have in 2014 is if the GOP tries to eat their own.  Chris explained the more the GOP talks about each other the more likely they are to lose and the more they talk about dems the more likely they are to win.   When asked for his top three politicians for 2014, Stirewalt said Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Marco Rubio!   






FBN’s Charles Payne made an in studio appearance on Christmas Eve and after revealing what he is getting his kids for Christmas,  discussed why he has made people so much money over the past few years.  You want to know the answer?!  Because the world has never been a more peaceful place than it has in recent years and it is prospering because of it!