Today is the deadline to sign up for Obamacare. Brian was joined by one of the many Americans adversely affected by the health care law, none other than Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio says like many other Americans he has lost some of his doctors and has to pay a higher premium. When talk turned to the Ryan Murray budget deal Rubio said "...bottom line is I think it's a budget that's not the right direction for our country..."

Listen here for Brian's interview with Senator Rubio


FNC's Chief White House correspondent Ed Henry joined Brian and spoke about President Obamas press conference on Friday as well as the latest on some prominent Democrats standing against the Obama administration on Iran.

Congressman Robert Pittenger (R-North Carolina) fresh off his week long trip to the Middle East joined Brian. Congressman Pittenger said nobody in the Middle East believes this agreement with Iran will work. When Brian asked about Benghazi, Pittenger said "not one single American individual has gone into Benghazi representing our govt to secure the facts about what happened"

Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt joined Brian to talk about Obamacare. Brian and Charles also looked ahead to 2014.


Switching to the latest on the NSA, Brian was joined by Stephen Hayes, senior writer of the Weekly Standard. Hayes believes we need these programs to help protect Americans.

Brian was joined by both James Rosen and party crasher Gretchen Carlson, who thought today was her regularly scheduled Tuesday appearance. Brian and James had a little fun with Gretchen for losing track of the days.  Switching to politics the focus turned to the NSA as well as in fighting among Democrats over Iran sanctions.