Former Congressman Col. Allen West joined Brian Kilmeade for his weekly hit on Kilmeade and Friends and  sounded off on military pensions getting cut.  West also reacted to Rep. Paul Ryan saying these changes were appropriate.  West’s response:

There are some very choice words that I could deliver but I will wait until I see him in personIn other words, what  Paul Ryan is saying ‘screw you for still being healthy and able to go out and live a productive life’so again, this is someone who has never served in the military.  This is someone who does not understand what it means to kiss your wife and your children goodbye and maybe that is the last time you will ever see them.  Or someone who has returned from the battlefield with a loss of limb because this does include those who have been retired for medical disabilities.  And for Paul Ryan to say that, I can tell you right now, there is no way he could seek to be Commander and Chief of the United States Military!