Hour 1

COL ALLEN WEST joined Brian IN STUDIO and touched on all of the news of the day, including Obamacare!  West said, “When you have a President who is so arrogant, so belligerent, so obtuse, that he is not looking for any assistance.  He is not looking for any reforms!”  Watch Brian’s full interview with Col. West and see what made him feel like he was in South Beach!



PAUL MECURIO swung by the radio studio (in the jacket Brian gave him last time) and sounded off on President Obama’s selfie at Mandela’s memorial service!  Paul also had some fun at Brian’s expense because Simon Cowell couldn’t remember Brian’s name!   Check out the picture of Brian showing Paul the contacts he has for Simon in his phone!


Hour 2

FOX’s Mike Emanuel updated Brian on the latest happenings on The Hill!  On the docket today: Sec. Sebelius testifying about & Rep. Ryan & Sen. Murray’s budget deal!


SEBASTIAN MANISCALCO explained his comedy as an exaggerated version of him because he has a genuine disdain and disgust for human behavior!  When Brian asked if Sebastian writes his material, he responded with, “No, I watch!”  

Hour 3

Brian was joined by Ranking Member on the House Armed Services Committee, Rep Adam Smith (D-WA), and the two talked about the budget deal between Rep. Ryan and Sen. Murray as well as the P5+1 deal with Iran!

If it’s Wednesday it means Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum are in the Kilmeade and Friends studio!  Per usual, the trio talked about the news of the day and Martha & Bill even tried to make Brian feel better about the fact Simon Cowell didn’t remember his name!