JAMES FREEMAN, member of the WSJ Editorial Board, joined Brian in studio and explained that there will be two cases of sticker shock with Obamacare.  One will be when people get notices about the price of their employer plans.  The second one will be for people in exchanges when they find out what their premiums will be next year.  Freeman explained, if healthy, young people don’t choose to join the exchanges and subsidize other customers, premiums will dramatically increase!

Hollyscoop’s DIANA MADISON joined Brian to preview her interview with Brian on Hollyscoop TV (go to Hollyscoop.com/tv to find your local listings)!  Since Brian had Diana on the line, he picked her brain on Kanye West’s outrageous comments comparing performing on stage to being at war.  Diana revealed she recently hung out with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and he was actually really nice.  Diana went on to theorize that Kanye might have an alter ego because he was so nice in person and comes across totally different in the media!   


Brian talked to ED ROLLINS, Republican pundit extraordinaire, who asked why we should let Iran blackmail us into doing anything since they started this whole thing when they captured our embassy employees 30+ years ago.  Rollins went on to say that the president is negotiating today from a position of weakness and thinks any deals that are being made are being made with that in mind.  Rollins said that Obama is not a strong president and doesn’t have the capacity to go to the American public and sell anything!

Kilmeade and Friends simulcasted with Varney & Co  and talked about the ridiculous decision to ban tailgating at the Super Bowl!


Brian’s co-author DON YAEGER called into Kilmeade and Friends and the duo talked about tailgating at the Super Bowl, the Baseball Hall of Fame and, of course, George Washington’s Secret Six!   

Fox’s GRETCHEN CARLSON swung by the radio studio for her weekly hit.  After talking about the Vikings lineup in the 1980’s, B & G got to the news of the day and Kanye West’s offensive comments!