Hour 1

Oklahoma’s Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, joined Brian and explained why his state is suing the Obama administration.  The lawsuit is about preserving the state’s authority to make a policy decisions granted to states under the Affordable Care Act.  Pruitt explained that Oklahoma made the decision to not set up an exchange because if there are no exchanges then there are no subsidies and if there are no subsidies then there are no fines.  However, now the IRS is trying to change that.  Pruitt went on to say that if he succeeds, this case will have a tremendous impact on the structure of Obamacare!

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) reacted to President Obama’s comments on Obamacare.  Gohmert said President Obama came very close to drawing red line on Obamacare.  Gohmert continued, “We know red lines don’t mean anything .  If we keep getting that far then we know Obamacare can be repealed.”  Gohmert also weighed in on former Rep. Allen West’s piece saying the Obama administration and the EPA are attempting to advance back door gun control by closing the nation’s primary lead smelter.  Gohmert said, “That is a legitimate concern….I am told ammunition manufactures will be able to make due for a while with reconditioned lead from other things, batteries and whatnot, but it will become a problem.  This is a backdoor approach!”

Hour 2

Col. Allen West joined Brian for his weekly Wednesday hit.  After talking about Obamacare and China he explained why he is concerned about what the Obama administration and the EPA are trying to do with gun control.  “There are a lot of things we have to be concerned about when you look at ammunition and ammunition management…one of the things the Obama administration had talked about previously was having ammunition registration.  It is okay if you have a gun but if you don’t have bullets then you just have a hammer!”  

FBN’s Melissa Francis joined Brian in studio and attempted to help him with his big Fox & Friends Christmas Special fashion decision.  What shirt to wear under his red sweater: The blue collar or the black t-shirt?  She then took over the show for the remaining hour and a half so Brian could run out to get a mani/pedi before taping the annual Christmas Special!