After raving about George Washington’s Secret Six, Michael Goodwin, columnist for the NY Post, declared, “Obama has been wrong about the Mideast since his election!”  Goodwin is wary about striking a deal with Iran because it wants to dominate the entire Mideast with a Islamic caliphate and wants to wipe Israel off the map!



Gregory Zuckerman, reporter for the WSJ  & author of The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the new Billionaire Wildcatters, joined Brian in studio and revealed we were almost running out of natural gas in the U.S. but thanks to the innovation known as fracking that isn’t the case today.  Zuckerman went onto to explain how the Obama Administration has helped the fracking industry, “They didn’t get in the way…so they get some credit for that.”

HOWIE CARR, Radio talk show host and author of Ratman: The Trial and Conviction of Whitey Bulger, joined Brian and explained why notorious gangster Whitey Bulger wanted him dead!  Carr was literally in the Bulger’s crosshairs but the trigger was never pulled because he was with his young daughter. 


Brian asked FOX’s Bret Baier to offer up his thoughts on the fact Sec. Kerry is saying the P5+1 deal with Iran does NOT give Iran the right to enrich and Iran is declaring its right to enrich has been recognized.  Bret said one would think if Iran reads it that way the centrifuges are probably still spinning since they are the ones who handle the controls! Bret also told Brian about his exciting news–he will be coming out with his first book, A Special Heart, in the spring!  From the press release:

With the insight of a seasoned reporter and the deep love of a husband and father, Baier shares with readers the behind-the-scenes stories and daunting emotional journey of young Paul’s life – including three open-heart surgeries and seven angioplasties. Surviving every parent’s worst nightmare, Bret and his wife Amy emerge scarred but infinitely stronger, united in their renewed faith and love of family, and determined to help others facing similar ordeals.


LIVE from the WHITE HOUSE, FOX’s James Rosen talked about Senators Schumer and Menendez being upset about the deal with Iran and explained why it rearranges the chess board in the Mideast in terms of diplomacy.  When asked what impact this deal would have on a potential nuclear arms race in the Mideast, Rosen said the Saudis wouldn’t try to develop a nuclear program from scratch and would likely try to purchase one from Pakistan.


Dr. Herb London, President of the London Center for Policy Research, joined Brian and explained why the Saudi’s cannot allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons!