Brian kicked off the show with SENATOR JOE MANCHIN (D-WV) and wasted no time getting the Senator’s opinion on Obamacare and the rumors of a single-payer system.  Manchin said he is not a supporter of universal healthcare because market-driven systems have always worked.  “You have to give me incentives to stay healthy…I need to have rewards and incentives and I need to have penalties if I don’t—that’s the market driven system that has always worked here!”  Sounds great!  So, Manchin for President?!  Nope!  When asked, he told Brian, “I like being ‘America’s Governor!’  I like that Governor term real well!”

KARL ROVE, “I agree with former Speaker Pelosi!”  Rove thinks Pelosi outlined the exact strategy for dems to pursue in 2014 and said he will open his day by hoping they will follow this strategy and close his day by praying they will because it is the dumbest strategy possible!   Rove went on to break down the numbers behind the 39 democrats bailing on Obamacare.  STEVE DOOCY also joined in on the fun but wanted to know why Rove was on during HIS segment to which Rove asked Brian why he has no standards by letting Doocy into the studio.


Brian gave CHRIS WALLACE close to 12 topics to choose from and asked Chris, “What do you want to jump on?  Do you want to jump on Oprah?”  Chris politely declined.


Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), author of Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge, joined Brian and talked about his frustrations with the Romney campaign in 2012 because he was underutilized.  Walker also commented on President Obama not “directly” knowing about the problems facing and compared it to President Clinton and his use of the word “is.”


Even though it isn’t a Monday, FOX’s Ed Henry was kind enough to call into Kilmeade and Friends to give Brian a first-hand account of the story he broke last night.  Ed discovered emails revealing the White House “feared” wouldn’t be ready for launch.  These emails directly contradict President Obama claiming he would not have moved forward with the website had he been informed.


DAN BONGINO, former Secret Service Agent, author of Life Inside The Bubble and Congressional candidate, gave Brian a glimpse of what it was like inside the White House.  When Brian asked if Valerie Jarrett even knocked if he was in the room with the President, Dan responded by saying, “The better question is if the President knocks if you are in the room with Valerie Jarrett!”  


Serge Roetheli strided into the studio and explained to Brian why he ran a marathon a day for five years—to raise money for charity!