Col. Allen West joined Brian for his regular Wednesday hit and admitted he is starting to wonder if this terrible roll out of Obamacare is intentional to try and destabilize the individual insurance market because you keep hearing people (including Bob Beckel on The Five) saying how we need to have a single payer system.  West explained, “There is something that doesn’t connect here.  There is too big of a chasm between what they are doing on the campaign side and what they are doing on the policy side.”

Lacy Crawford, college application whisperer & author of Early Decision, came in studio and gave Brian and his listeners a free session on the secrets of getting into a top college!   


FOX’S Chief Congressional Correspondent Mike Emanuel gave Brian the inside scoop from yesterday’s Healthare.gov hearings on The Hill!

Nearly five years after the deadly attack at the Taj Hotel in India, Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy, authors of THE SIEGE: 68 Hours Inside the Taj Hotel, joined Brian and talked about how the detail that went into planning the attack.  They revealed an American double-agent, David Headley, was essential in the planning of the attack because he gained so much information about the Taj’s layout that the attackers were better informed than the police who were trying to stop them!


GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS?! ~ If it is hump day, it also means it is Hemmer & MacCallum Day on Kilmeade and Friends! The three covered a range of topics, but specifically drilled down on MSNBC’s handling of Martin Bashir’s comments on Sarah Palin as well as Alec Baldwin’s gay slurs!