Brian’s Video of the Day

You don’t have to just read about the locations and routes the Culper Spies used to help General Washington win the Revolutionary War, Brian will take you there in the video below:

Hour 1

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gave Brian the latest on his push to interview the Benghazi witnesses and the WH’s effort to stonewall Congress.  Graham also explained why it is hard to let Benghazi go for many Americans–because we don’t like the thought that our country would put people in a bad situation and then not go to help them get out of harms way.


BOOK LAUNCH DAY!  Brian was joined by Elizabeth Kahn Kaplan who was one of the historians who was essential in helping piece together the mystery of the Culper Spy Ring.  Elizabeth is with the Three Village Historical Society in Setauket, NY and curated the exhibit, Spies! How A Group of Long Island Patriots Helped General Washington Win the Revolution!


Hour 2

Brian sat down with Jeff Benedict, author of My Name Use to Be Muhammed: The True Story of a Muslim Who Became a Christian, who told the fascinating real life story of Tito Momen and why he converted from Islam to Christianity. 


LT. COL. OLIVER NORTH (RET), author of AMERICAN HEROES ON THE HOMEFRONT, joined Brian in studio and the two talked about Col. North’s astonishing career.  Col. North also invited Brian to attend his book signing tonight at Book Review in Huntington, L.I. at 7 pm and Brian accepted!


Hour 3

Former Senior Advisor to Gov. Romney, ED GILLESPIE, reacted to Mark Halperin’s revelations in Double Down about how Gov. Romney handled Benghazi during his campaign.  Gillespie said Halperin was “partly” right considering the way the media treated Romney after the Benghazi attack.  However, Gillespie said he is at odds with Halperin regarding the third debate because he doesn’t remember anybody telling Romney to not talk about Benghazi.  People did warn Romney about the media filter on the issue because they were clearly protecting the President in that it wasn’t a terrorist attack.   Regarding Romney’s reaction after Super Storm Sandy, Gillespie said he doesn’t remember the discussion on O’Reilly and thought Romney should be visible and supportive after the storm. 


BOOK LAUNCH DAY!  Researcher extraordinaire, Tiffany Brooks, called into Kilmeade and Friends and talked about her role in the creating of George Washington’s Secret Six!   Tiffany dug through historic records and letters to help piece together the story which revealed the role the Culper Spies played in helping America win the Revolutionary War!