Word was the insurance companies are being intimidated not to speak up and speak out about why they are dropping all of their people…they are being intimidated by the White House…And now Forbes Magazine comes out with an exclusive story…they have concluded that the administration listed there that a huge number…are going to get their insurance dropped by major corporations because it will no longer be affordable to get your insurance through the workplace.  Is that incredible?! 


CHARLES HURT, with the Washington Times, thought it was an interesting turn for President Obama to start criticizing insurance companies by calling them ‘bad apples’ because he had made them promises behind closed doors to make them huge amounts of money.  Hurt also predicted we will start to see a rift between the insurance companies and Obamacare and it will get ugly!


Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Robert Jordan, talked about how Israel, Iran and Syria have manipulated President Obama and now Iraq is trying to do it too. Jordan said Maliki is doing this because he wants hardware (helicopters, military supplies) and he has to understand we have some conditions on that—we have some red lines that he can’t go cross!



TGIF ~ FOX’s ALISYN CAMEROTA & CHRIS STIREWALT joined Brian for their weekly hit where they weighed in on the latest revelations coming out about Obama’s 2012 campaign.  Specifically, the discussion revolved around the report that the Obama Campaign considered replacing VP Biden with Hillary Clinton.


Chris and Aly also had some fun at Brian’s expense by busting him for promoting Kilmeade and Friends instead of Fox and Friends this morning on TV!



MELISSA FRANCIS, from FBN’s Money w/Melissa Francis, joined Brian in studio and the two got a kick out of this past weekend’s SNL cold open where they spoofed Kathleen Sebelius saying the site was only designed to handle six people at a time.  The grand irony, according to the notes obtained by Chairman Darrell Issa, the number of people who actually signed up for Obamacare on day one was only six!

Movie reviewer extraordinaire, KEVIN MCCARTHY, reviewed this weekend’s box office openers, Last Vegas & About Time, for Brian and his listeners.  Brian also gave Kevin some homework for next week—what actors would he cast to play in a movie version of George Washington’s Secret Six!